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PCOS & Food

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

In naturopathy and functional medicine, one of the major ways to support any bodily ailment is through nutrition. Going as far back as Hippocrates who is famously quoted as saying, "Let your food be your medicine, and medicine be your food", humans have known that food and nutrition are some of the best sources for rooting out the real problem. Without going off on a tangent, western medicine has seemingly forgotten this major element in health and wellness. Here at Atabey Naturopathy we encourage going back to the basics to get to the root of the issue.

Today we are taking a brief look at 5 easy foods and their impact on PCOS.

  • Alcohol

  • Processed Snacks

  • Cereal

  • Sugary Drinks

  • Fried Foods

These are 5 things most people will commonly find in their pantry/ cabinets that can aggravate PCOS. These 5 simple foods can have a big impact on hormone health and metabolism in PCOS.

Hey, we get it! These are easy foods that taste good going down and are (usually) enjoyable. Unfortunately, they can have lasting negative impacts on the body - and not just for those trying to cope with PCOS.

Let's take a brief glance at these and see why we would encourage a client to steer clear of each of these items.

  1. Alcohol - This is honestly just a big no from a lot of people in the fitness and nutrition world. Anyone can come up with a whole host of whys but many of us are still 'guilty' of indulging. As most of us know, alcohol places an increased burden on the liver, as well as disrupting blood sugar, but you may not be aware that the liver plays a key role in hormone metabolism. So, just another reason to maybe put down the second glass of wine and sip on something a bit healthier for our liver.

  2. Processed Snacks - This is a simple straight-forward item on our list. Typically high in carbs and fats (the ones you don't want), store bought cookies, your favorite chips, and even crackers can worsen insulin resistance in those attempting to cope with PCOS.

  3. Cereal - It may or may not surprise you to know that processed and boxed cereals - yes, even the ones marketed as being healthy - are a gold mine for processed sugars! This hit of addicting white granules first thing in the morning is a recipe for stressing your body and your blood sugar for the day and ultimately, setting you up for failure.

  4. Sugary Drinks - This one shouldn't be too much of a shock to see here. Although you may not realize that your favorite Starbucks coffee likely contains way more sugar than caffeine, it definitely makes it on our list of "better not"s. Other drinks to bear in mind here include sweetened teas, from concentrate juices (yes, V8 makes this list), and even hidden in some of those drinks you may find masquerading in the healthy foods fridge section of your favorite health foods store.

  5. Fried Foods - Unfortunately (or maybe it's just me who is disappointed), extra salty, hot french fries can definitely worsen PCOS. These foods are actually quite stomach-churning once we get into the details of what is really inside and the impact they have on our bodies. Fried foods typically have high amounts of trans fats. As noted above, these unhealthy fats can worsen insulin resistance in PCOS. These foods can also exacerbate inflammation which is something you will likely already be battling when you have PCOS

There you have it! 5 easy foods that can worsen PCOS. To find out how to develop a nutrition plan to support your hormones and help balance out your symptoms, book a consult with our ND, Nyssa. She will empower you to take over your health so that you can know these knowledge nuggets for yourself and be in control of your life again (without having to be a slave to medication, a pharmacist, or an MD forever)!


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