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Facial Analysis

  • 30 min
  • From 150 US dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

Facial analysis is a long-standing practice in reading the body. If you are familiar with this modality, muscle, testing, acupuncture, therapeutic massage, or even trauma, you know one truth: the body doesn't lie. And so we utilize the truth that it is telling us to supply the body with what it needs. ​Facial analysis can help resolve a number of maladies, including, but not limited to: signs of early aging signs of stress micronutrient deficiencies mineral deficiencies mineral imbalances hormone disregulation thyroid disregulation infertility and more! How can a face tell us so much? We understand in reflexology, the entire body can be mapped on the hands and feet. In acupuncture, we look at the tongue and utilize the ears, again mapping the entire body. We can likewise, utilize the face as a mapping of the inner workings of body's cells and what is not going "right" or is displaying signs of imbalance within the system.There are a number of key nutrients whose absence can manifest in physical display on our faces. Through a detailed facial analysis, we can help you address signs of aging, micronutrient and mineral deficiencies, repair skin elasticity, aid in hormone balancing and infertility, re-mineralize teeth, and aid in behavioral maladies. The facial analysis is one of the easiest ways to ease into repairing the body naturally rather than injections, pharmaceuticals, and similar aggressive approaches. I offer the following formats: Full Analysis & Protocol for $375 Target Area (ex. crow's feet) $150 What you get: * Analysis - full face or targeted * Supplements: access to my protocol for your deficits through Fullscript will be sent, along with personal recommendations *Referrals: additional screening or analysis suggestions based on clinical findings.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made at any time. Please note: appointments are eligible, until 72 hours prior to your appointments start time, for refund less an admin fee. Please see the details of the individual session type for more information as this may vary somewhat. Rescheduling policy mimics the cancellation policy.

Contact Details

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