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Spiritual Nutrition Programs

Spiritual Nutrition - getting to the true essence of the issue

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Service Description

Spiritual Nutrition is one of my big passions in life. For those unfamiliar, spiritual nutrition dives deep beyond the macro and micronutrients of the foods you consume. We go beyond mineral content, organic, non-gmo. While these physical aspects of what we are eating are important, there is something much deeper and has a more profound impact on us than these things. Spiritual Nutrition. The true energy of what we consume. There is a lot to be said about the energy of our foods but there is more to what we consume than just foods. Spiritual nutrition is one of the most basic things and yet our societies have all but forgotten this key element to our nourishment. Nutrition and healthcare are everywhere but autoimmune, hormonal imbalance, and behavioral, mental, and emotional issues are on the rise. Health Coaches and Nutrition Practitioners are popping up left and right but obesity, diabetes, and the gut-brain axis dis-ease are far outpacing them. How is it that what we have been trained to be the solution is everywhere even from the convenience of our devices and yet disease is not slowing down? The critical element of the essence of self is missing from the westernized model of care. I grew up in the United States but I grew beautifully, in a spiritual manner, from my roots in Taino culture. Through my one of a kind Spiritual Nutrition program, I work 1:1 with you to uncover this truth in you and guide you towards true nourishment of your whole self. Yes, we cover the easy things like macros, micros, minerals, and more. Yes, we work to recomposition our bodies, more muscle, less fat, less fatigue, more vibrancy. Please see GENERAL Nutrition Programs for just these things. But in Spiritual Nutrition we work from the true essence of your being and not just your physical body. There are plenty of nutritionists, health coaches, nutrition coaches, practitioners, etc. who cover all these basics as their entire practice. We won't be remiss but those things are just a tiny part of what I do in this approach. This is a very deep dive into all parts of you. This is not a journey for everyone and that's okay. If you are unsure if this program is for you, please make use of my free discovery call service so we can connect and explore this possibility together.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made at any time. Please note: appointments are eligible, until 72 hours prior to your appointments start time, for refund less an admin fee. Please see the details of the individual session type for more information as this may vary somewhat. Rescheduling policy mimics the cancellation policy.

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