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Comprehensive care starts with uncovering who you are, where you are. During your visit, I want you to be able to share all that encompasses who you are. This is how true holistic, functional medicine operates - whole-body, whole-person.

I want to hear the story that you are telling yourself day in and day out. What are the messages that are going on inside of your head? What does your internal dialogue sound like and what are those patterns that you have adopted as your own that are impacting the way you are moving and living in your world?


Wellness is more than just physical and all too often our western cultures attempts to negate anything and everything but physical westernized science from the idea of health.

A fatal error, in my opinion.

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Take control of your health and balance your hormones with our Hormone Balancing program. Our functional and holistic approach includes nutritional guidance, supplementation, herbal remedies, and lifestyle strategies that can help with thyroid imbalances, endometriosis, PCOS, PID and other similar issues. We also provide practical strategies for reducing exposure to environmental toxins and endocrine-disrupting chemicals.

Book a consultation today and start feeling your best self!

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At our Naturopathic Wellness center, we offer comprehensive support for women experiencing menopause. Our experts will identify hormonal imbalances and explore the impact of stress, gut health, and nutrition on your symptoms. With our personalized approach, we help you find holistic solutions and nutrition guidelines that nourish your body through this transition. After all, this is a natural process, so it is not something we 'cure' but rather, adapt through.

Join us today and start feeling the positive change to your life and well-being.

In our Western society, we tend to lean into forcing our body towards conception rather than healing it first. My approach flips that idea on its heels. We focus on nourishing your body first, before asking it to give, provide, and sustain an entirely new life.

Many times infertility is the body's way of letting us know that something is amiss inside. Correcting this imbalance, releasing the block, or addressing the indicated deficit results in natural conception - even, at times, when IVF has failed.

I offer a full program with a customized fertility protocol tailored to you, your body, and your lifestyle.
I also offer fertility coaching which includes nutritional support, and access to my fertility supplementation protocol, because yes, during pregnancy we must be nutritionally vibrant or we will be sowing nutritional deficits into the next 2 generations of babies.

6-month program       $3,000

12-month program     $6,000

60-minute coaching    $250

30-minute coaching    $125

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Pregnancy is one of the most life changing experiences. Every day you live in your body and you become used to that feeling. Suddenly, you are sharing that very body with another human, wholly reliant on you. The demand increases physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Having a solid foundation of nutrition helps to aid with the ebbs and flows of the pregnancy journey.

During The Womb Journey+ you will receive personalized nutrition (did you know you can ease morning sickness through diet?) and supplement guidance, pregnancy-safe alternative recipes, fitness with special considerations for third trimester, and Reiki & Reflexology sessions* starting from pre-pregnancy and carrying through your first few postpartum months.

This 15-month program also includes 3 months of Eating for Fertility, if you are joining in advance of an anticipated pregnancy.

Full program and a la carte options available
Newborn's Care

Postpartum Support

The transition to motherhood is a time of pure change for a woman. Her body, mind, hormones, relationships - even her purpose and expectations change. Her very identity changes.

Sadly, despite all of this change, women are led to believe postpartum is just about getting the “all-clear” at the one pp check-up and told she should be back to "normal"—where normal is defined as who she was, and not who she is now.

You are worthy of the time, energy and resources it takes to know yourself better. You deserve to feel authentically you and to understand how pregnancy, birth and postpartum have changed you. Some women go their entire lives feeling like they lost themselves in motherhood, but you deserve to find a wonderful version of yourself in this season.

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