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Divine Feminine Magnetism

Bring your innate feminine energy back into balance, strengthen your intuition and harmony in life.

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Service Description

Masculine energy is doing. He is going. Reaching, Conquering. The aggressor (note aggressor not aggressive). Feminine energy is being. She is receiving. Attracting. Drawing in. Transmuting. She should not be perceived as inactive; rather her energy pulses and pulls in whereas his charges and actively pursues. Contrary to what you may see on social media, we all have masculine and feminine energies. This is normal. It is when these energies become out of balance within Self, or out of balance synergistically in a dynamic that it can become problematic. The Divine Feminine Magnetism is a 30, 60, 90-day personalized process of learning to commune in these energies. This is where we collate patterns, habits, mentalities, and such, to help you, as an individual woman, align with your unique divine feminine energy. We balance your masculine and feminine energies and learn how to flow from one into the other. It can be exceptionally difficult to attempt to navigate these waters alone, especially if you have become adept at living in your masculine energy. This may look like repeated traumas, present itself in anxious feelings as if you cannot rest, or when relaxing (and or self-care) feels guilty or selfish. It may manifest itself in relationship patterns in the workplace as well as in romantic relationships - or even the inability to attract those healthy relationships. You may be seeking that loving relationship, struggling to conceive, out of touch with your feminine essence, or just beginning your evolution from girlhood to womanhood. Whatever your walk may be, there is a tribe for you and she is woman. Maybe you are working in your masculine. OR you did not have that nurturing mother role in your childhood or teen years OR life has roughed you up or society squashed you down. Others may sell you on the idea of utilizing manipulation and mental or emotional games to work around balancing these energies. These cheat codes will not net you what you want but they will exacerbate your current dilemmas. We will deep dive into woman's unique role as a creator being and tap into your feminine essence, how you align with the creator within, as well as work on moving in your divine feminine, embodiment of your highest self and divine feminine radiance. Please note: this service is reserved for women or PAFB who still identify as women. Thank you for understanding the energetic implications of this delicate balance.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations can be made at any time. Please note: appointments are eligible, until 72 hours prior to your appointments start time, for refund less an admin fee. Please see the details of the individual session type for more information as this may vary somewhat. Rescheduling policy mimics the cancellation policy.

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