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Image by Audrey Shattuck



We are an FSA/HSA and cash pay specialty clinic that caters to woman, teen, and young adult health, wellness, and personal growth.

We do not offer OB/ GYN services, nor are we a standard PCP clinic (primary care physician). The clinical approach at Atabey Naturopathy is holistic, functional, and bioenergetic, meaning we work practically, at the root of the issue, and in energy and light (spiritual) work. 

When we collaborate on a health issue, you will start with a Holistic Wellness Intake televisit. From there, you will schedule for a Practitioner Consult. More traditional health services are based on a $250/hr for practitioner time and higher for more intensive therapies. Please explore our packages for current discounts. We are pleased to offer in-house payment plans as well; while they vary by service, it is generally 10% down with monthly or bi-weekly payments.

The services available below are offered in light and love from Atabey Naturopathy. We are excited to work with you in your growth and journey!

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